Children of William and Nancy Boyd

Transcribed by Julie Wollard Trout, 12 August 1999.

[Written in pencil across the top by Nellie Bysor Shelenhamer]
Great Grandparents
[Written in ink]
William Boyd and Nancy An Journey was mared the 5 of December 1836
[Written in pencil by Nellie above Joseph F.] Grand Father
[Written in ink]
Joseph F. Boyd was born the 13 of December 1837
David N Boyd was born September the 25 1839
William J Boyd was born the 13 of July 1841
Mary C Boyd was born the 8 of May 1843
Lucy J Boyd was born the 22 of March 1847
Elen M A Boyd was born the 14 of Aprile 1850

Nancy A Journey was born the 30 of January 1820
Wiliam Boyd was born the 18 of Novem 1809
[Written in pencil underneath with a line drawn to both] Great Grand Parents

William Boyd family



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