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Julie Wollard Trout's
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I love hearing from you! I sometimes get behind in answering my emails,
so please give a little nudge after a few weeks. :-)
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julie@jwtrout.net .
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DISCLAIMER: All of the information contained within the family tree pages should be used as CLUES to your own research. Do not take it as the absolute truth.
I have tried to document my sources but there is always new evidence that is yet to be discovered that may change the information.
Any errors in the genealogical information contained on this site are, of course, accidental. Some information is from other researchers,
which I have not had the time to verify from original records. If you find an error, please check the
Source Bibliography page first for any questions
you might have. Then,
email me and if you send along source documentation, I will do my best to correct the error if I deem it necessary. Thanks!




This page established 16 April 1999.

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