Julie's Family Photo Album - - Shelenhamer Family

Nellie Ellen (Bysor) and James "Jake" Blaine Shelenhamer, circa 1950.

Nellie and James Shelenhamer,
          circa 1950.

(Left) Maxine (Shirley) and Bysor Shelenhamer, 1940.
(Right) Maxine and Bysor Shelenhamer, 1990.

Maxine (Shirley) and Bysor
            Shelenhamer, 1940. Maxine and
            Bysor Shelenhamer

Laura, Emma, Bill, Judy, Jerry and James Shelenhamer, 1950. Laura and Bill were brother and sister and siblings to the kids' (Bysor's kids) Grandpa Jake Shelenhamer.

Laura and
            Bill Shelenhamer with Bysor's kids, 1950.

(Left) James Blaine "Jake" and son James Bysor Shelenhamer, 1967. (Right) Jake and Nellie's children, 1986, Parsons, KS: Ruby Grimes, Leta "Sunny" Mumford, Reva Selvidge, and Bysor Shelenhamer.

Jake and Bysor Shelenhamer,
          1967. Ruby, Sunny, Reva &
          Bysor, 1986.

Bysor, James, Emma, Judy, Jerry and Maxine Shelenhamer, Father's Day, 1970.

Bysor Shelenhamer family, 1970.


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