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James Robert Nickels and his wife Elizabeth Jane Hardy

The living children of James R. and Elizabeth J. (Hardy) Nickels, circa 1900-1910. Left to right: (Front) Jim, Tom, John and Will. (Back) George, Silas "Bert," Minnie "Dot", Eva, Dave and Alice. Three siblings had died already, Flora, Margaret and baby Charles.

Living children of
            James and Elizabeth Nickels, circa 1910.

The Nickels siblings together again, Fall 1919: Left to right:
George, Tom, Jim, Eva, Dave, Alice, John, and Will.

Nickels siblings, Fall of

The Paul family: Mirta, Bertha Jane, George, Charley and Flora (Nickels)

(Left) David Campbell and Mary "Mollie" (Law) Nickels, circa 1920. (Right) Silas Berton "Bert" Nickels and family: wife Margaret (Fox); son Marion; daughter Stella, circa 1903-1905.

Dave and Mollie (Law)
          Nickels, circa 1920. Bert Nickels and family,
          circa 1905.

(Left) Jim Nickels family, circa 1898-1900: Jim, Nellie, Ethel, Mattie. Back: Arthur and Della.
(Right) James "Jim" Andrew Armour Nickels and Martha Jane "Mattie" Stark Nickels, 5 Nov 1917.

Jim Nickels family, circa
          1898-1900. Jim and Mattie Nickels,

Children of Jim and Mattie Nickels: Nellie (Nickels) Wollard, Arthur Nickels, Ethel (Nickels) Manuel,
and Della (Nickels) Wollard, circa 1950-1955.

Children of Jim Nickels, 1950-55.

Claude and Ethel (Nickels) Manuel, circa 1950-1955.

            and Ethel Manuel, circa 1950-1955.

Sarah Rebecca (Hardy) Fisher, Elizabeth Jane (Hardy) Nickels and Elvira Ann (Hardy) Stallsworth,
the three daughters of Jonathan Herschel Hardy and Jane Minerva (Boles) of Clark County, Indiana

The picture below contains the living children of Dr. Jonathan Hardy and Martha Elizabeth Cochran,
plus some other relatives

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