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James Thomas and Emma Margaret (Hocker) Henson family, about 1917-18. Front: Ona, James, Emma, Mary Etta. Middle: Thurman. Back: Hiram, Elsa, Oren, Guy, Nella, and Nelson. (Thurman's picture was inserted into the family photograph by the original photographer because he had already died when the picture was taken.)

James Thomas Henson family, circa 1917-1918.

(Left) Hiram James Henson and Mary Alma Ables, wedding picture, 1910.
(Right) Maggie, Hiram, Alma, Faye and Neta Henson, May 1918.

Hiram Henson and
            Alma Ables, 1910. Hiram and Alma Henson and family, 1918.

Roy and Maggie (Henson) Lee; Calvin, Wanda and Betty, 1941.

Roy Lee family, 1941.

(Left) James Thomas "Jim" and Emma Henson, 30 Mar 1929.
Hiram Henson, circa 1930-1940.

Jim and Emma Henson, 1929. Hiram Henson, circa 1930-1940.


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