Brian's Family Photo Album--Mahar Family

This record of the Hosea and Mary Abell Mahar family was found in the attic of Gladys Pefley Tackett's house about 1995. It had been passed down to Wayne Tackett from his mother Maggie Mahar Tackett Davis. This chart is encased in a gold-colored frame and measures probably 16 by 20 inches. This is only part of the chart--there is another section with the marriages of the Mahar children listed, but it is very hard to read.

Mahar family chart

The Hosea and Mary Mahar family, circa 1905-1910:
Left to right: Front row: Hosea, Ruth, Mary and Ralph.
Back row: Myra, Melvin, Grace, Walter, Maggie,
Mary "Mayme," Leonard, Abbie, and Bess
Picture courtesy of Joseph Mahar

Hosea and Mary Mahar family circa 1905-1910.

The Melvin Mahar family, about 1947 at Joyce's home in Odell, OR:
Phyllis, Joyce, Joe, Farrel, Melvin and Louisa
Picture courtesy of Joseph Mahar

Melvin Mahar family about 1947

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