Sarah Reynolds Letter, March 25, 1831

Letter from Sarah in Virginia to daughter Herodias Adkins in Missouri

Below is a transcription of the letter from Sarah Reynolds.
Transcribed by Julie Wollard Trout 12 Aug 1999.

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Page 1
John W. Adkins
Pittsylvania County Va Mar. 25th 1831
My Dear Children
It is indeed a melancholy and painful task which I now undertake which is nothing less than to announce to you the death the death of your dear Father, which took place on Friday the 18th, Insant, about 9 oClock at night, after a severe and painful illness of nine days from the time he took his bed. his complaint was a suppression of urine or something like the gravel, which was very distressing indeed but of which he was measurably relieved in a few days he then become very costive in his body, and continued so for several days and with difficulty was removed. these complicated complaints no doubt produced a mortification, which closed the scene. your Brother John on thursday morning before he died started over the mountain to a Dutch Doctor but did not return till saturday morning after his death. medicine and directions were sent but Oh! too late. it seems to be the opinion of the Doctor that his disease originated from an Old hurt in his back. he appeared for the last two or three days before his death to be fervently engaged in prayer to Almighty God, and but a very short time before he expired, he expressed himself entirely resigned to death and willing to go. he has left no will but desired that his debts should as speedily as possible be paid and what was left be kept together for the purpose of raising and educating the Children.
Page 2
We have reason to be thankful that at this time myself and the Children are all well and I trust that this will find you both enjoying the same blessing. Our friends and neighbors at this time as I have heard are in health. there were in the Course of last week two deaths beside your Fathers, the widow Nowlin & Capt. Tho. Shelton's wife, Mrs. Shelton, died thursday morning. My dear Hery I truly grieved at parting with you, and had scracely (sic) become reconciled, before I have to bear a much heavier burden, but I trust the Lord will give me grace & strength to bear up under all my troubles, misfortunes, trials and difficulties that I may have to contend with, while passing through this unfriendly world. I would be glad as soon as receive this to send an answer, I am extremely anxious to hear from you, and whether you are pleased with the Country. I cannot conclude this letter without urging you in the strongest terms which scripture furnishes, to "prepare to meet thy God, " for it is appointed unto man once to die and after death the Judgment." and it is awful consideration to think of appearing before Judge of quick and dead, in an unprepared state and to be banished forever from his presence.
Joseph Atkins his wife and the whole family have lately returned again to the neighborhood. William, John, and all the children wish to be remembered to you both. Adieu, my dear Children and if we should never meet again in this world, I pray the Lord to prepare us by grace to meet in a better, where parting shall be no more and where all tears shall be wiped from our eyes, is the prayer of your truly affectionate mother [Note: next is some sort of squiggle or maybe a &]
Sarah Reynolds
Page 3
P. S. not knowing whether you took a register of your age, I herewith send a copy
Herodias was born the 6th day of Novemr. in the year of Our Lord 1808
[Then in different ink and handwriting, someone added the following]
Elesethabeth Virgined worse borne the twenteyth of mar
Herodias Adkins wors born the sixt of november in the year
Henry Adkins wors born the thirthteenth day of december
Page 4
[Folded to look like the outside of an envelope. All of the writing is on the center rectangle of nine sections, like a tic-tac-toe board]
[Upper left corner of the "envelope"]
Callands Va
21 March
[Upper right corner of the "envelope"]
[Middle of "envelope"]
Mr. John W. Adkins
Taylors P. O.

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